Meeting my Adansonii Swiss Cheese Plant

This small cute vine plant with leaf slits on it has caught my eye ever since my sister has introduced to me. Monsterra has become so popular in the house plant community (especially monsterra deliciosa) but taking care of a big monsterra is not possible to a small apartment that I am currently living with. This little swiss cheese plant, the mostera deliciosa’s cousin is a perfect fix and solution. The more I look at this, the more I like adansonii more than the deliciosa. I love the dark green delicate leaves plus it can be trained to be climb through walls. Perfect for apartment life.

I was so excited once i received this plant from Hirt’s Garden. It wasn’t the best condition – it was a little dampy and it seems like one of the cuttings are just put there, without roots! 2 weeks or so later, it’s getting better and now I am noticing some new baby leaves about to open.

Handling houseplants that thrives humid conditions is a first to me. These plants grew from tropical places and taking care of them here in the US is a bit tricky. Its tricky to recreate their natural surroundings. I have read before that they need humid places and using a humidifier can help it take care of it will help. I was shocked to see when I came home after leaving it on the weekend, a mushroom popped up! I was so worried that I re-potted and removed the soil (as much as I can) it to a terracotta pot.

Below are some care tips that I have read and some good articles to read about these Adansonii:

Some things that I am currently doing:

Light: Bright indirect light. I have only a west facing window so putting this in a window sill might fry the leaves. Currently its fall and rainy so I put it near the window ledge – in my dinner table.

Water: They say that they like moist soil – which I have no idea what that means. I tried doing it and I think thats how the mushroom grew. So currently, I am looking at how the leaves look like and water when its the right time. Since its colder season, I would think it would be like a once a week or every 2 weeks watering.

Temperature: They like warm humid places – like the tropical places or greenhouse. I have a small humidifier at home that I use all the time that I put beside it. Also, putting plants that are alike (plants that like humidity) together will create a more humid place. Also, putting pebbles with little water in the pot saucer can help with humidity too.

Propagation: I currently put 2 cuttings in water so I am hoping and crossing figures to have these cuties grown and include in the pot to have the plant more bushier.


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